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Our K/Ar bulk-rock age data (84.7 ± 23 Ma), combined with the oldest celadonite age and recently published radiolarian ages, suggest that the Troodos ophiolite was formed between 85 and 92 Ma, providing an estimate for the duration of celadonite formation of at least 7 m.y., but possibly up to 15 m.y.

These data are consistent with data from Deep Sea Drilling Project holes, suggesting that precipitation of the most significant portion of vein minerals in the oceanic crust occurs within about 12 m.y., but possibly up to 19 m.y. Leaching experiments suggest that K, Ar, Rb, and Sr in exchangeable and nonexchangeable sites of the structure of stoichiometric celadonite maintain their isotope characteristics and are resistant to change from diagenetic processes or surface alteration.

The author’s work is mostly done, and any question about research methods is too late.(2) Primary production in the SBI study region was strongly influenced by the advection of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) entering via Bering Strait.This import of DIN (ammonium nitrate nitrite) is modified by local processes, but without the Bering Strait inflow, biological productivity in the SBI region would be much lower. Jain received her Ph D in Statistics from the University of Toronto in 2002, and joined UCSD at the end of 2002. Sonia Jain's primary methodological research interests are in the area of Bayesian biostatistics, with special emphasis on nonparametric Bayesian mixture models. Jain also works in innovative clinical trial design and analysis, statistical computing such as Markov chain Monte Carlo, and bioinformatics including statistical genetics and genomics. Jain is the lead Biostatistician for several collaborative projects in several disciplines, including HIV, Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Cardiology, Cancer, and PTSD-TBI.Publications listed below are automatically derived from MEDLINE/Pub Med and other sources, which might result in incorrect or missing publications.