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You've been sleeping since yesterday' and telling her the studio audience was a different one to that invited to watch the programme she'd been on.If you want to delve into a series that charts the tumultuous modern history of Spain, you can do no better than Cúentame cómo pasó, also known as Cuéntame, which charts the highs and lows of one family from the last days of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco into Spain’s new democracy.In early 1977, Jim Jimirro of Walt Disney Productions brought forth the idea of a cable television network with material from the studio.Since the company was focusing on the Epcot Center, Disney chairman Card Walker turned down the proposal.Gran Hotel If you are a fan of Downton Abbey then you are bound to like Gran Hotel, set in the upstairs-downstairs world inhabited by the guests and staff at a grand Spanish hotel towards the beginning of the 20th century.The series, first broadcast in Spain in 2011, follows the disappearance of one of the hotel maids and her brother’s search for the truth about what happened to her.' before confessing she had taken a sleeping pill to help her combat nerves the night before which were stopping her from getting a good night's kip.Her confusion turned to embarrassment when the presenter reappeared and told her her siesta had been seen by millions of viewers before adding: 'Your daughter's just phoned me.

While she signed up for the show’s premise, Nizewitz alleges she didn’t realize that would mean she would be shown naked below the waist, given that the show is supposed to blur out contestants’ private parts, the story reports.

The presenter turned the lights off and invited the studio audience to leave after the woman nodded off.

The pensioner was hoping to find a partner to accompany her in her old age by going on the popular afternoon programme.

In recent years, the diversity of viewers has increased with an older audience, typically teenagers, young adults and young families.

Since November 19, 2010, the channel is offered with an alternate Spanish-language audio feed, either via a separate channel as part of a Spanish-language network package sold by cable and satellite providers or via a separate audio track with the SAP option, depending on the TV provider.