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Those were all my LGBTQ fans that through thick and thin stand with me daily.

My fighters, my heroes, the reason I love what I do.” – Christina Aguilera “It should be a no-brainer to lift, and support everyone, in every community, and encourage people rather than fear or judge what is different from themselves.

Madonna surprised the world in 2015 when she revealed during an interview with Howard Stern that she had once dated Tupac Shakur.

The radio host asked the singer about a contentious interview she once had with David Letterman in the ’90s, and Madonna attributed her sour mood to the late rapper.

“I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time, and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in general,” she said.

“So, when I went on the show, I was feeling very gangsta.”Despite the big reveal, many remained skeptical whether or not her relationship with Shakur was more than just a fling.

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Specifically my manager David, who has held my hand now for 12 years, through light and dark.

He wrote: "Dear Dellia [sic], I know I haven't written for a long time but I've been so confused in my mind about you and about myself.

"I've just had to make, probably, one of the biggest decisions I'm ever going to make and I'm hoping that it won't hurt you too much.

"Dellia, I want you to try and understand the position I'm in.

"Being a singer I'm going to have to give up many things in life.

Love letter celebrity dating show