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The ACLU argues in the suit that the law's language is "vague" and "overbroad" and essentially makes "unlawful virtually all Internet access by registrants," including such sites as CNN.com, You Tube and National Geographic because of those sites' features allowing communication among users in comments and content forwarding.The ACLU also says an exception clause does not go far enough and is "vague and ultimately meaningless." "Everyone wants to protect children from those who would do them harm," ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman said in a statement.Because names like "the Scarlet Letter law" are being bandied about in the worst possible way, there seems to be some confusion about what the law is, what it does, and who it affects.

Montgomery, II, Assistant District Attorneys, for Appellee. .3 and in a separate bill of information he was charged with attempted aggravated rape of a female whom defendant believed to be 11 years old, in violation of La. After entering the chat room with the fictitious profile, the agent “just sits and waits.” Other online viewers are able to access the fictitious profile and may then choose to communicate by instant messaging; these communications are private and viewable only by the sending and receiving parties. 5th Cir.03/01/05), 900 So.2d 846, writs denied, 05-1332, 05-1342 (La.01/09/06), 918 So.2d 1040, 1041.The law was defeated in court because it was deemed too broad. Can any site with a comments section be considered one?) Lawmakers went back to work, with a close eye on the First Amendment. After the profile is prepared, the undercover agent will enter a regional chat room. The agent sets up a profile which contains information about the fictitious child such as age, school, and hobbies, and other miscellaneous personal information.