Fuck with no payment

[later in her bedroom] I don't think I can do it, Henry. Karen, when it comes to the Mafia no one goes to jail unless they want to.

Now he'd make your shoes look like fuckin' mirrors.

I found a huge bottle of fake blood back next to the stage.

They use fake blood, which is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, because no matter how low-rent a local, indie wrestling promotion is, I’ve never seen or heard of one using fake blood. If I have to drive more than a half-hour, I’m not going.

Thirty-two-year hardcore scene veteran and current Fuck You Pay Me vocalist Tony Erba is not unlike any other typical Midwestern guy. It is really easy to crack lines about the Juggalos, and with good reason.

He’s the grandson of Sicilian immigrants from Cleveland’s east side, his father enlisted and spent time in Cambodia and Laos during the conflict in Vietnam, and he is a proud union member. They are basically the new ‘80s heavy metal, former dirtbags, when metal was really looked down upon. Our show drew like dog shit, and we didn’t even get a fucking firm handshake.

Pretty much through all that time I got paid because I didn’t see the point in writing for other folks if they weren’t going to pay me, because this is what I did to make money.

Released via Tankcrimes on March 24, the album takes aim at the stupid, the gun nuts, the racists, and countless others—and the venom exposed on the record doesn’t wane when a one-on-one conversation with Erba turns to the current political climate. You just clip off a little piece of a razorblade, wrap it in tape, and if you are a guy who has done it a lot of times, you have scar tissue. You are sweating, so it looks like you were in a horrible car crash.(He addressed the tweet to Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer, possibly to ensure he doesn't go around spreading more "alternative facts.") A Twitter fight, that is.As Trump continually explains his belief that Mexico will reimburse the United States for the building of said wall — a key part of his proposed immigration plan — Fox tries to get through to the president by constantly shutting him down on Twitter. Our husbands weren't brain surgeons, they were blue-collar guys. Billy: Hey, Tommy, if I was gonna break your balls, I'd tell you to go home and get your shine box. Karen: [narrating] After awhile, it got to be all normal. It was more like Henry was enterprising, and that he and the guys were making a few bucks hustling, while all the other guys were sitting on their asses, waiting for handouts.